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Welcome to Capstone Ministries International Website

Capstone Ministries International is a non-denominational unique ministry with a unique purpose and mission.  Our foundation is based on a Relationship with God rather than a religion. CMI is a multifaceted organization. 

We are not a church nor do we hold regular weekly services. We are a teaching ministry. Our main focus is to spread and teach the scriptures. 

We teach the Word or the Scriptures through different medias. Directly to the people in other ministries, via the website radio,, and through written materials and CDs/DVDs.

CMI has also hosted and possibly will host in the future, a conference for the Yehushuah’s (Jesus’) leadership. We teach about developing a relationship with our Savior and our Heavenly Father, rather than religion. All our teachings come by the breaking down the scriptures through word searches, and historical studies. 

We believe it is only through these means can we truly understand our scriptures in their full context. 

Feel free to contact us at anytime by going to “Contact Us” page.

May the Lord keep you in the right hand of His righteousness,

Apostle Maria Boyd

Capstone Ministries International,

P.O. Box 82314 Las Vegas, NV 89180-2314