About Us

CMI is a teaching minstry dedicated to teaching the scriptures in their purest form possible, without the influence of man’s opinions, included our own, and man’s doctrines.

We focus on a personal relationship with Yahuah and His Son, Yahushua, rather than man’s religions and rituals.

We do not hold weekly church services nor do we operate out of a building. We go where ever our Father sends us to teach and minister to those in need.

As a teaching ministry, we hold bible classes in our home on Saturday afternoons and on internet radio. As for other services, such as memorial services or blessings, and dedication services, we go where ever we are sent.

On the internet you can find our teachings at www.EquippingTheSaintsRadio.com on the “Hosts” page. Michael & Maria Boyd. We are there 24/7.