Apostle Bio

 Capstone Ministries 2

Apostle Maria Boyd is an ordained minister, founder/president of Capstone Ministries International, public speaker, she also has a travel business. She is married to Michael Boyd, her husband of 24 years, she has daughter, and in My she lost her 49 year old son, she also has 2 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. After overcoming many obstacles and challenges in her life, she is now a successful professional woman and a powerful minister of the Word of God.

As a public speaker she has conducted seminars and workshops on the subject of fear; what is fear and how to overcome it, as well as the subjects of marriage and relationships. Maria has also spoken at a number of organizations, both secular and religious in Southern California and Las Vegas, NV

As a minister, Apostle Maria was ordained in 1994, founded and pastored Capstone Ministries in California for 4 years with husband, Michael. She is currently the founder and president of Capstone Ministries International [a non-denominational ministry that focuses on a personal relationship with God rather than a religion] here in Las Vegas.

Apostle Maria is also a very active member of the community and has sat on a board at Desert Rose High School in Las Vegas. She is a former member of Toastmasters International and is currently a member of Professionals And Youth Building A Commitment (PAYBAC), The National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), and The International Women’s Leadership Association, ( IWLA). She was recently selected as a woman of outstanding leadership by the International Women’s Leadership Association.

Her heartfelt desire is to assist people overcome their challenges and explore the great person within themselves.

The main vision of her ministry, CMI, is to develop a support system for men and women being released from prison upon the completion of their sentences. It has been an uphill struggle because in order to get the funding needed she must prove her system first, which places her in a catch 22 situation. However, she will not give up her vision and passion, which is to help these men and women.

CMI also hosts a leadership conference every year, known as the “Breath of God Leadership Conference”.
As a public speaker her goal is to help people overcome the obstacles in their lives so they can live a life free of stress and frustration, and will allow them to reach their goals and dreams.

In her travel business, Maria shares information how to have a five star vacation with a two star budget.