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M.A.D. (Making A Difference)

We impact someone’s life everyday. Many times we aren’t even aware of it. It’s not always the big things we do that make the difference, but the little things.

You can make a difference in the life of a former inmate. By supporting the efforts of Capstone Ministries International (CMI) you can help a man or woman from returning to prison. If you haven’t read our page “About Us” please do so because it will give you a full picture of the goals of CMI.

There are career criminals that will never be released, and if they are, will always return. Those are not the ones CMI is concerned with. It is the men and women who have made poor choices or decisions and have repented and paid for their wrong doings that we want to help start over.


Capstone Ministries International is in need of the following and perhaps you are able to meet just one of these needs.

  1.  Establish a strong network of support involving local businesses and organizations.  Working with local businesses to provide jobs for former inmates through an established relationship with CMI. Are YOU a business owner?
  2. Collaboration with other organizations that can provide transitional housing for inmates that have just been released from prison. Are you affiliated with such an organization?
  3.  CMI will provide clothing and food for former inmates for a period of time while they are getting re-established.  Are YOU able to donate food or clothing?
  4.  Launch a series of fundraising activities that will successfully fund the expansion of CMI programs. Do YOU have fundraising skills and are willing to volunteer your time and skills?
  5.  Work toward making all former inmates self-sufficient and a viable member of society.
  6.  Providing guidance for the mental aspect of being free from prison.  Teaching them to make good decisions about everyday life.  Transition from having their decisions made for them to having the confidence to make their own decisions. Are YOU a Life Coach or Councilor willing to spend some time with these men and women?
  7.  Working with local business owners to teach life skills such as job interviews, dressing for success and workplace etiquette. Effective training programs that will increase their ability to re-enter mainstream society. Do YOU have any of these skills?
  8.  Through Toastmasters International each former inmate will be taught leadership and communication skills.
  9.  Provide spiritual guidance and training.

The above is just a partial list. We are also in need of finances and a building. Are you a person seeking a worthwhile cause to support? If you are, CMI can be that cause. We need your help.


All donations large or small are appreciated.  Choose to make a difference in the life of one of these men and women today. For monetary donations, enter amount of your donation then click on the “Donate” button and follow the directions.  For all other donations or to volunteer go to “Contact Us” page.