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Our Goals

Reaching Our Goal

Our tax dollars pay from $36,000-$48,000 a year per inmate. The goal of CMI is to bring the spiritual and the natural together with the intent of making each former inmate a viable part of society that will never return to the prison system again. These men and women have much to offer our communities if we simply give them the opportunity.

CMI will provide a church that is specifically designed to address the spiritual needs of former inmates. CMI will also provide a strong structured support system for the men and women released from prison by providing communication and leadership skills, job and life skills training along with assisting them in their pursuit of a successful new beginning. We will also provide counseling to help them transition from the prison way of thinking to the way of thinking as a free person. We want to help them learn how to make Good decisions and choices regarding themselves and those around them. The above programs will be available to all wishing to improve their lives. I encourage you to take a few minutes right now and learn more about CMI and our vision, mission and goals. By doing this we believe they will build their self esteem and respect for themselves and others.

Move Of God

Capstone Ministries International has churches in 32 countries out of 54 countries and still growing.  The people of  Africa have been in spiritual bondage for a long time. There is a great movement of God taking place there and CMI is blessed to be a part of this awesome movement of God.

In Kisii, Kenya, where our Headquarters is located, we also have an orphanage and a school. The explosion that is taking place in Kenya and throughout Africa, is truly a work of God.

While Capstone Ministries International will be setting up a support system for ex-felons, please be assured that ALL people are welcome. We will help and love all who come to CMI. There are many kinds of prisons, many without walls. Prisons that we have created for ourselves, some are prisons because their lack of knowledge of the Word of God. If you are imprisoned emotionally, spiritually or by your circumstances, CMI wants to help set you free. Yehushua (Jesus) died on the cross to set us free, do not let his death be in vain in your life. COME AND EXPERIENCE THE FREEDOM YOU CAN HAVE IN YEHUSHUA HA MASHIACH (JESUS CHRIST!)