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Fundraising Strategy

Capstone Ministries International (CMI) funding sources include private donations, grants from private foundations and business sponsorship. The program’s fundraising Coordinator has established a number of contribution options that a supporter can select from.

  • Cash Donations


  • In-kind donations of land, property, vehicles, clothing, furniture, etc.


  • Legacy Gifts a planned gift in a will, trust, or other estate plan.


  • Corporate Giving and Sponsorship: Businesses can provide cash or grants. Businesses are also encouraged to participate in the Capstone Ministries International (CMI) fundraising events that take place throughout the year.


  • Food Store Community Partnership Program: Capstone Ministries International (CMI) receives a portion of what is spent in local food stores when the shopper uses the program card when making purchases. The card will be scanned at the checkout and the program will receive credit for the sale.


  • Sale of T-shirts and hats with Capstone logo and motto.


  • Website Store where visitors to the site can purchase T-shirts and hats, etc. and can also give a donation if they desire.


Marketing Strategy

Capstone Ministries International (CMI) believes in giving former inmates a new beginning in life.  The goal is to raise awareness of programs to assure that:

  • Referral sources will use the service;


  • Funding sources will support the program;


  • Adults will volunteer to be mentors.


The marketing strategy will be to successfully inform the public of ways in which they can participate in giving a fresh start to these former inmates.  Our “approach” is that they can “Help us stop the Revolving Door!” to the prison.   This will be accomplished by a referral coordinator who will create and maintain a network of contacts that will serve as the referral source for the program. Brochures will be developed to explain the benefits of the program to both potential referrers and participants. The referral coordinator will provide updates regarding programs and their success for the referring agency.  The goal will be to build an effective marketing program on the success of the mentoring relationships. A marketing effort will also be implemented to attract and retain quality mentors for the program.  The program’s mentor recruiter/trainer will make presentations to business, civic and social groups explaining the benefits of participating in Capstone Ministries International (CMI).